2020 Spring trends

The wait is over for our spring 2020 trends. With over 100 fashion shows worldwide which only took place a few weeks ago. We can finally reveal our predictions and findings. 

It’s so important to make sure that our trends can create a strong impact for the new season, and to make sure we can target all age group and each individual. Findings from; polka dots, disco collars, bold neons and exuberant embroidery features, and many more.

- Puffed sleeves had made a dramatic reappearance and its bold silhouette is back and better then ever. We will not only be focusing on the puffed sleeves on the shoulder but also going down the arm to create effect.

- Crochet is also making a strong comeback for this season meaning keeping cool won’t be an issue with a potential sweater combination style. Designers are now using these techniques to try to become more sustainable as a whole in fashion industry by UpCycling. 

  We can also bring Broderie anglaise into this with its new twist of irregular patterns and embroidery to create   Innovative garments. 

- The disco collar made a surprise comeback on our trend board this spring. The wide collar will be used to modernise jacket and coats to really make them stand out and give them that edgy look.

- Drawstrings were not only spotted on the runways as a feature of fastening but also as an fake fastening to create a more bold and dramatic look, not only on the waist of trousers, skirts and shorts but also on accessories.

- Don’t want to blend in? No need to worry our fluorescent neon green, pink, orange and yellows are back and better then ever. These shades are a no brainier with black or white and are a great way to express your personality.

   However if this isn’t a bit of you! Why not try beige? It’s going to be everywhere. 

- Shorts? The Bermuda shorts are the new twist on Bicycle short with a part 9-5 twist. These short look great paired with a blazer and can definitely be dressed up or down depending on occasion.

- Bird of a feather, give your look a bit of an edge with the glam light feathers as a feature on a garment.

- Layering with tiers we are now experimenting with this trend to create looks with high volume to maximum a basic garment to ensure we add tons of drama.

- Polka dots is one of new print for this season along with statement bows which are now becoming main features of your outfit.

- Buttery soft materials like leather is a new and upcoming material used for this season and it’s used for just about every form. Designers are constantly trying to find new ways to incorporate these materials into their pieces.

- Sheer layers fabrics have shown up this season as a way to embrace the idea that less is more. We think it’s a greats way to play with layering, colours and textures.


We hope this have inspired you and gave you and insight for what’s next to come.

Keep an eye out on our New in section to keep up to date with these trends.

Georgie x

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